Benefits of getting Incubated

SHINE offers the following Value Propositions for your Startup

SHINE will help the start-ups to get connected to the pool of mentors, industry Experts, investors and Manufactures.

Market Access

Providing access to the startup with connecting them with industries and to the first few customers for their product for the pilot testing.


Providing the startup with the opportunityto participate in different events, demo days to showcase about their startup and also promoting them through the social media pages of incubation centre.

Co-Founders Pool

Helping the start-ups get connected to the Pool of personals to choose the co-founders for their start-ups.


Providing the support for the start up with Finance, filing the intellectual property, legalities of the company and HR solutions to the start up.


Access to mentors who can help out with technical, functional, business or domain guidance and also conducting the workshops, training for the start-ups in the different stages.


Access to working space, workstations, labs, meeting rooms, conference
Rooms etc.


SHINE will provide the start-ups with seed funds, access to funds via CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilty), grants, impact investors, govt. departments.


SHINE will provide all the Start-ups with access to resource like pool of talented interns, quality research faculties. We also assist Start-ups with inhouse Industry experts.