Shine Acceleration Program

In order to promote community-based innovations and practises in the region, the SHINE Accelerator Programme offers support to entrepreneurs and industries originating from the area. The programme provides a wide variety of resources, such as funding, mentoring, networking chances, access to co-working spaces, legal and financial services, and other tools. The accelerator program's goal is to enable startups to turn their ideas into profitable businesses and stimulate local growth through community-based solutions. It places a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Shine Incubation Program

The SHINE Incubation programme is created to offer early stage startup companies full support so they can successfully validate their products. The programme provides a number of resources, such as funding opportunities, networking opportunities, mentorship, and co-working locations. SHINE Incubation is committed to encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation and works with startups to turn their ideas into profitable ventures.

Sahyadri Scince Talent Hunt (SSTH)

Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt is an annual event that brings together young innovators from schools and colleges to showcase their projects and innovations that aim to address everyday problems. The event provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the form of innovative projects. This initiative provides an opportunity for students to interact, network, and connect with other like-minded individuals within the community as well as some of the most prominent research scientists in the country. Through this platform, students can gain valuable insights, feedback, and guidance that can help them to further develop their projects and pursue their academic and career aspirations.